Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RPK: This Time, It's War

Yes, this is also the tag line used in James Cameron's movie, Aliens (1986) in which Ripley and a marine of soldiers are sent back to the planet Sulaco to investigate the point of origin of which the alien infiltrated the Nostromo. Cameron once stated that one of the film's main themes is mirroring the scenario of American soldiers facing the horrors in the Vietnam war (note that he co-wrote Rambo: First Blood Part II which is also a return to Vietnam story, similar to Aliens).
"We bloggers have declared war on the government. "
Yes, this is also a variation of the line that is uttered by Raja Petra this morning, who was charged under the 1948 Sedition Act over the Altantuya article in implies that Najib and Rosmah were involved in that murder. Of course, this sparks a furor by fellow Netizens and opposition MPs to say that freedom of speech is still not there in Malaysia and BN politicians are trying to clamp down even they got a beating in the elections. The corrupt ones are trying to silence those who speak the truth and in bold. The government admitted that they lost the cyber war against the people because of their mentality.

Bail was set at $5000, and in less than 5 hours after the charges was announced, the amount of close to $35000 came in, donations from thousands of people. At this time, it was stopped because it was far over the intended target of mere $5000. The question now is whether he'll be out, after bail is paid or he keeps sitting in the detention center until October.

I already told you that our friend has been a target of corrupt politicians, some UMNO warlords, some top brass figures and the underworld kingpins because whatever he says exposes their dirty things and they were caught pants down. Let's take the example in one of the corrupt ones, one called Azim Zabidi, who just lost in the general elections.

Looking back at the source article "Let's Send The Altantuya Murderers to Hell", it was quoted today that 9 paragraphs were marked by the prosecution as seditious (Speaking of which, the prosecutor is Nordin Hassan, the man who was also involved in the VK Lingam Commission as well, being the lead prosecutor besides the other band of lawyers involved in querying the witnesses !), but I would like to highlight two of them:
“Even pigs can be cute,” my wife who was driving the car butted in and I repeated what she said. “Yes, even pigs are cute. These people are not even the same level as pigs. They are lower than pigs. Melayu babi, the whole lot of them.”
It's either that whoever filed the complaint doesn't understand English well or got the wrong meaning of 'wishful thinking'. It's just a personal discretion of whether to accept it or not. Whoever makes takes an exception on that matter is either too much straight on religion. I already told that religion is only a form of guide to living, the most important thing is to have a good life, a life refraining from committing acts of evil and sinning, doing the right thing. I hope it's not Mike Tyson. Must be some police officer who was instructed to withheld the report as to say 'no report but complaint'.

The other one says of:
It seems the Affidavit also reveals that Altantuya was camped outside Razak’s house and this caused him to panic. He then went running to Najib, and Rosmah summoned Najib’s ADC, Musa Safri, and instructed him to solve Razak’s problem. Musa then summoned the two police officers currently on trial. So, it appears like Razak and the two police officers are not the only ones involved. Najib, Rosmah and Musa have also been implicated in this entire thing. And why the need for the police officer to declare that he had already killed six people before this if murder was not what was on everyone’s mind?
I supposed this is the part that made the guys pressing the panic button. The part where all eyes were upon Najib and Rosmah. Solve the problem, but does it mean 'whatever it takes?'. Change of judge and prosecution team coupled with the sudden Lingam tape inquiry, of course that purpose could possibly attempt to cover the guilty before the trace could be picked up by an unsuspecting snooper.

Someone from UMNO PJ Utara had been screaming for Pete to be arrested. Or someone, seeing that Najib is an important asset to that person wants him to be protected for future purposes.

Anyhow, I am pretty sure with that amount of money, bail could be posted, extra can be given to charity or getting a new computer / laptop for Pete or something else. I was debating with my friend, whether he'd be out in a day or two as Kak Ena said or he chooses to stay inside the center until October.

Dollah Badawi is facing two new waves of external pressures tomorrow. First of all, the MTUC, representing workers from the private sector are planning to hold an assembly in front of the Parliament building tomorow to protest over Dollah's refusal to see yes to imposing the minimum wage of $1200 per worker. Secondly, there will be a press conference tomorrow at the Chinese Assembly Hall where civil societies will be issuing a statement in light of the arrest. In addition to those, he now faces a renewed pressure from everyone over the clamping down of Raja Petra. Unofficially, this scenario could get the Selangor royal family involved since Pete is related to the family. And there has been a suspicion that Dollah is covering Najib, which is something that is possible

The news has spread to the international news channels including CNN and the Associated Press. The heat is now on Najib and Rosmah. Whatever the situation is now it seems that BN and Najib are 'digging their own grave deeper, maybe beyond 6 feet.' The latest case sparked upset among the citizens who grow unrest with food prices increasing. Some are angered when Dollah told them to eat dust rather than rice in the form of 'Change Your Lifestyle'.

My dear Dollah, if you say change lifestyle, many will be forced to resort into crime because they need money badly. They cannot survive without money. And you have promised from day one to reduce crime rates but it's still not working!

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