Thursday, May 8, 2008

RPK: It Can Be Suicide But An Impressive Move

A lot of people were quite surprised to hear from Marina that RPK refused bail, refused to meet anyone, not even family members and even refusing to eat meals except for having his spectacles.

I thought, hey he's trying to be a Mahatma Gandhi and going without meals but at the wrong time. Hey, it's not fasting month! I also initially felt that the guy must out of his mind, pulling a suicide stunt. But I think, being an intellectual middle-class man with penchant of telling tales of Malaysian politics that not many can hear, it seems that there is an intention from him.

I think he deliberately refuses to get out on bail (unless the case is dropped) and opt to stay until October because he intends to find out what will be his tormentors, (if you wish to call) or the asshole's next moves. If he surfaces in the papers with some unusual signs, that means the prison administrators have assaulted him. If he goes out on bail, there could be hidden, rogue figures that will try to fabricate evidence, creating excuses to be used against him so that he goes to prison.

Staying in has more pros that meets beyond the eye. We might see the crumbling end of BN sooner, we could see top brass leaders under pressure from both fronts, people starting to go against the corrupt irresponsible leaders and more things. People are getting unhappy over price increases, like myself. I was angry that a price of nasi lemak in my place went up 50 cents, where I paid only $4 last week, I recalled.

Well, later on, Najib was trying to deny that charging him was not politically motivated. So who actually wanted to charge him? It's either some shadow figures, (read: underworld kingpins) or some pro-Najib and UMNO supporters who blamed Malaysia Today for the BN's dismal performance, some stupid policemen from the cyber crimes department or some zealous people who do not like the liberal way of saying things that is Islam. Whoever decides to prosecute our friend there falls in either one of the four categories I've mentioned.

The police officers are pretty kind of dungos (read: stupid). Citizen Nades, whom I was driving in my car with him one night last week, told us of a story today where he and Terrence Fernandez were investigated over the comment of Balkis mismanagement of funds. The police wanted to know how he came into the documents or where he got the information or so. But given the way the officers are performing their duty, it seems that those snooping things are actually by those top brass officers, and in the same way, this is how our ex-CCID chief Ramli Yusuf and his 'kuncu-kuncu' got accused and setup by underworld kingpins.

The lower level hierarchy police officers, from what I've read and understand seems to be taking orders without maybe questioning the reason of doing or questioning whether the assignment is in conflict with the actual moral human conscience. Maybe it's one of the basic 11 orders (adapted from the military) that requires a low-level rank officer to perform orders from the above without question. But what good are they if they are ordered to behave as terrorists just like those two officers there?

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