Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dollah Kata Sekali Lagi - Ubah Gaya Hidup Anda

But what about you BN politicians? Seating in a lavish house, shake your legs and call the shots while commoners struggle? You called MaChAi paper to show your statement, ah?

TOKYO: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has called on Malaysians to change their lifestyle to reduce the impact of rising inflation.

The Prime Minister said he would encourage Malaysians to save more and reduce wastage to ease their burden.

“Some people may not think it is important but a change of lifestyle a little bit in times of difficulty is important,” he said in an interview with the Japanese media after attending the Nikkei International Conference here yesterday.

Abdullah was responding to a question on the possible need for a strong ringgit to offset inflationary pressures.

He admitted that Malaysia was facing a lot of difficulties but the Government was implementing aggressive measures.

“We are developing measures to respond to the inflation we are now experiencing. We have to increase productivity and be more competitive.

“We are also seeking cooperation with other countries in strategic areas like food and agriculture,” he added.

Abdullah, who is also Finance Minister, refuted a report by the US Treasury that the ringgit was undervalued.

“Our ringgit has established its true value. We do not intervene to make the ringgit go up or down, it has established a value which we believe to be realistic,” he said.

“There has been no serious fluctuations or volatility,” he added.

The Treasury report issued before last Friday’s market opened said “a persistently large current account surplus coupled with still-low domestic investment” was evidence that the ringgit was undervalued.

Abdullah also said that everyone, including economists, were free to express their opinions about currencies, including the ringgit.

Later, briefing Malaysian journalists accompanying him for his working visit to Japan, the Prime Minister said that during his meeting with his Japanese counterpart Yasuo Fukuda he spoke on food security and cooperation in agriculture in view of increasing food prices.

“We need to go high-tech where food production is concerned.

“I also said that it would be good if Japan can be involved in the halal food industry, apart from investment in plantation, aquaculture and manufacturing,” he said.

Fukuda, he said, responded positively by encouraging the private sector to participate.

Dollah, seriously you don't even know much of economics although you are holding the portfolio of Finance Minister no 1. When the report saying that Malaysian ringgit is undervalued, take heed or ignore it! Singapore is taking heed to improve the exchange rate to reduce the effect of inflation. Much of the inflation of the world is faulted on profiteers, oil speculators. Oil 5 has incurred the wrath of the Senate who grilled them for not helping the people while the reaped the big profits that saw oil prices going up by about 30 percent this year. Another reason is diverting the edible products for the production of biofuel. BUSH is wrong about this. When you say that the report is bullshit, you are screwing things badly. You are not fit to run the country anymore.

Inflation is a domino effect and if you, Dollah don't do that, there will be higher crime rates and there will be anarchy and chaos, as what the 2012 Tribulation is about to start and foretold. What kind of pathetic person are you actually? I think the video is enough to tell you what you're trying to tell to other Malaysians. If there is economic anarchy and chaos that will happen and when the rakyat discovers that UMNO has screwed everyone, UMNO is to become public enemy no 1 by the people soon and that will be the first word uttered by the people.

It's no wonder you and Najib were mentioned by Anwar Ibrahim that 'you tak tahu ekonomi'. Go back and study economics, lol!

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