Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here You Are, Guys and Girls, The Kings of Europe!

I was betting the score would be 2-1 with my colleague yesterday and we were discussing the starting lineups for both teams. I thought United will try to jam the midfield but they opted for the attack from the start while Chelsea decides to jam the midfield.

I actually remembered stumbling upon an article somewhere that said of a soothsayer in England's prediction that United will win since the astronomical signs showing of Capricorn and say that it will be all English final. But wait, the soothsayer initially said of a United vs Liverpool final. No, it didn't happen since Chelsea beat Liverpool in semis, but what he said correctly though is that the game goes to penalty kicks.

The soothsayer also said that luck was in United's favor and viola, they survived a few close calls with shots from Chelsea either being denied or hitting the goal posts.

In the end, United did it. Good riddance for Drogba who got red-carded.

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