Friday, May 16, 2008

4th Floor Want To Gaduh and Choke Ah?

It is actually no harm done for the mainstream press to release the findings of the Lingam tape report for the public to find out. After all, everybody is anxious to see what are the findings written and submitted by the Haidar commission. At least this time, Haidar and his team have done a non-partisan and an excellent job in doing this.

Basically, in school or in work, you are encouraged whenever possible to do additional things, in your ability without awaiting orders from your teacher / superior. Indirectly, you are also adding some extra effort or doing a few things in advance (assuming you are sure of how things are heading).

The press is also trying to do their part; following the World Media Press Freedom day two weeks ago and the call by some politicians with the fifth estate to gain more press freedom, the reporters and editors are given the chance to try and be more flexible in writing their stories and with truth, accuracy to the press as part to restore credibility.

Sometimes, if they really want to reach that point, there would be at times where will need to disregard directives from the 4th Floor Boys. Man, after reading a piece somewhere I felt that the 4th floor Boys are behaving like teachers while newspapers are their 'murid-murid' in a primary school. But it's not primary school. Just when they want to aim at going for press freedom, some idiot of from the 4th floor make police report over that paper reports ahead of them.

Bullshit. This department is trying to drag things down some more even people had call for a fix in Malaysian press freedom.

Whoever did this, I think it's one of the four boys out there that is ought to be shot like in Russia World War II. A commissar should shoot that asshole!

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