Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lagi Satu Akibat Rakyat Diperbodohkan oleh Barisan Nasional!

Hindraf 5's habeas corpus application against the ISA was strike out by the Federal Court on the grounds that the signature of approval for 2 year detention by Dollah Badawi is legit.

But let's forget about the court decision and instead go back to the beginning.

First of all, who was the one that said Hindraf is linked to Tamil Tigers or terrorist link or whatsoever? Musa Hassan - with alleged links to the Underworld kingpins.

People asked of Musa of any physical evidence to support, Musa said wait and see.

According to procedures, the authorities have to find out whether the facts and accusations made by IGP, AG Patail and Dollah are right in the first 60 days before signing a 2-year detention. And there was no fact sheet out so far. Either this was overlooked or evidence was hidden from public.

In the end, the final decision was not made by Musa, but instead, it is Dollah Badawi, with ill-advice by his bad advisers including the Fourth Floor Boys.

One month before election, Anwar Ibrahim has repeatedly stated that he will demand that Musa release the Hindraf 5 in ONE HOUR or Musa is sacked if Pakatan Rakyat wins the election. However, Barisan won, albeit the two-third majority.

Now, reports have indicated, inside UMNO and Barisan Nasional, in ICU condition, not out of the blue and the warlords are pressing the panic button. Their glimmer of hope is expect some winnings in appeal of election results, possible crossover by state assemblymen in Perak, and hoping that there is no crossover by MPs in Sabah and Sarawak in particular. So there is no announcement of jump ship but we should see later on.

Rais Yatim has pointed the blame of the Sedition law and ISA on the English. The accusation is wrong. Barisan Nasional has SQUANDERED repeated calls to do so and some Johor warlords have so far refused to heed the demand to do so although we are out of the freaking past. Now that those 'ministers' refused to listen after they refuse to release the HINDRAF 5, HINDRAF and their makkal (people) will start more demos and protests against the federal government until:

1. Dollah Badawi has enough and starts to beat the 'tambis' up with FRUs and police.
2. Dollah Badawi decides to turn one eye away and do nothing as during his term OR
3. Dollah Badawi is out and Anwar Ibrahim goes in as PR government is formed.

In those cases above, the fault lies with you normal people out there especially those who think Barisan is their only choice. Why were you fooled by the promises of those BN politicians? Why did you listen to those fools when you know that with them in power, food and basic needs prices have gone up (read in Klang), mismanagement has resulted in rice supply short, forcing to cut your lifestyle to the point of nothing, eating grass instead of proper meals while the fools enjoyed lavishly with fat greed? There were 300 000 spoilt votes out there and those could add to the tally and add additional opposition MPs to the Parliament.

Selangor remains the first PR state to be constantly disturbed by UMNO following their dismal defeat in the election followed by Perak. This fools are trying to make a fuss out of a trivial matter and still keep playing the race card to say that Malays are 'slowly' going off and being threatened - that indeed is a lie. Harussani Zakaria, the Perak Mufti (who released a religious decree on Jom Heboh program) is saying again in a 'tone manner of a racist' that can be misinterpreted as what UMNO Youth would say 'do not question our Malay rights at all' - even if there must be a reason to do so and understand in process.

All and all above, this shows the akibat of the rakyat 'diperbodohkan oleh Barisan Nasional!"

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