Monday, May 19, 2008

Dr. M Walks Out Of UMNO, Then What?

Late morning, according to Malaysiakini, Dr. Mahathir has announced that he has already walked out of UMNO (read: QUIT) until Dollah Badawi is replaced, citing motion of no-confidence and wants others to emulate him.

Comments made by Dollah Badawi via the Lingam tape report indicates that Dollah's camp wants to get Mahathir, but since Mahathir is one smart cookie, he's not likely to be taken in by them easily. So this leaves Tengku Adnan, one of his honchos to his own devices. Not to say that, perhaps delay it, most probably.

If you remember the previous piece that I've wrote entitled D-Day in Malaysia: June 6 2008? there are a few possible moves that could likely occur since he has withdrawn himself.

1. Najib follows suit of Mahathir and he declares motion of no-confidence and ousting against Dollah Badawi. But then, KJ, Dollah and his camp will do everything to make sure that Najib doesn't do that. Internal brewing in UMNO is getting bigger than ever. But it's said that Najib has only this week to do so.

2. A face off and another UMNO split if Najib could not do that. Dollah and Najib tag match against Ku Li and Muhiyiddin. A stalemate likely and Tengku Adnan is the 'decider / tie breaker'

In this two moves, Anwar Ibrahim most probably takes the advantage and declares that 43 sleepers have woken up (read: 43 MPs crossover) and becomes PM later on. Game Over for UMNO. Anyhow, in whatever case, it's the opposition that has the last laugh and people power winning over.

As They Play The Final Curtain

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