Friday, May 16, 2008

So She Finally Showed Her Face

I do not have to elaborate further than to say that it seems that we might have a good guess on who actually got smacked in the face over the 'Let's Send The Altantuya Murderers to Hell' piece or the Sedition Act report. It was a very interesting piece to read and we have a good inference from that.

And, wow, that person had the balls to scold a Sultan but worse than what Karpal Singh said.

If this is 18th century, that person could have been on the executioner's block for treason.

So, (it's a she) that ordered someone to file a Sedition Act report on our friend without getting her hands dirty. And those under her becomes her cannon fodder. And DPM is dragged under this mess until he has to tell the Parliament that there were no fees from the purchase of the military vehicles or involvement in Altantuya or the National Service irregularities - well trainees deaths and their blood are on his hands already.

But whatever it goes, the couple are unknowingly digging their graves already.

Disrespectful to Islam? Porah!

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