Monday, April 21, 2008

Now It's 15 Rounds In the Ring!

I don't have to tell you that after the disaster that is March 8 where BN took a big blow, many members of BN from Khir Toyo, Ali Rustam or Chua Soi Lek started their own blogs and started expressing their feelings to the public.

They could have done it earlier, but I am not sure whether that the fear of facing the whip is what held them back from starting a blog.

In September, I cam across an interesting post by an ex-journalist entitled 'YBs, Start Your Blog'. After the elections, the call came true as many BN guys started their own blog.

Ali Rustam is some guy who can't take the heat. It's good that he started a blog but after he wrote a post of pig farms in Selangor, he was slapped left and right because of his behavior addressed in the post. Don't forget that Ali Rustam is the one who tried to reduce the number of pigs and farms in Malacca alone , thus sparking the role between farmers until the MCA had to step in to intervene. Apparently, his Wordpress blog got deleted in disgust.

Now do you call that a racist?

No. But I'm talking out of the point. And now a new kid has join the blogging wagon and he's no stranger to us for he tends to go for a swing against people. You know Mike Tyson right? Trying to go in for the punch and the first person he wants to fight is none other than Khir Toyo.

It will be somewhat a 15 round match in the ring and I would love to see how the match played out. Khir Toyo is okay now, but you do recall Mike Tyson had to get a reporter to look into a seditious section before making a police report against Raja Petra?

There were two famous articles which titled 'Muhd Son of Muhd I Accept!' or 'See You In Hell Son of Muhd.' Now that he's a UMNO information chief, he can try to create a smokescreen to send the wrong message to the public.

And now the match begins...TING TING TING!

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