Monday, April 28, 2008

Yes, It's The First Parliament Session! But...

Today marks the brand new Parliament session, where all the formalities needed to take place. And tomorrow, the Agong will be presenting in speech to mark the opening of the session.

Yes, the Parliamentary speaker, Tan Sri Pandika Amin Mulia was the undisputed choice for the speaker, everyone agreed with the choice. That's fine but then here's the part to be questioned in regards of selecting the deputy speakers.

According to the Star, both deputy speakers elected are from Barisan Nasional, names forwarded by Dollah Badawi. If you look at the tally, Dr. Wan Junaidi had 157 votes while Ronald Kiandee had 140. From the given scenario, although 17 MPs from PR voted for Dr. Junaidi, nobody from their side dissented over their decision to pick Wan Junaidi. But in those two votings, all the 140 BN MPs voted for their selection proposed by Dollah.

You see, other BN MPs, excluding ministers and Opposition ones are either chickening in fear or blindly following the leader. There could be some who wished to vote otherwise but could not do so because to go according to your instinct against the party line is going against the government and you could end up at the whip a.k.a Najib. This is what longkang MPs are. That was what was hinted and mentioned by Gerakan to their members, although a few made to Parliament. Some, who feel are outspoken are held back because of the party line, which is against the democracy basics. Ong Ka Ting said that he felt liberated given of his new status as a backbencher, but I don't think so because the line is still there.

If that's the case, then Malaysia, run by Barisan Nasional, is practicing not real democracy, not 'guided democracy ' as Nazri Aziz said but instead a brand new form of 'communism' - forcing their tenets into everyone, although each person had their own believes and some liberal ones. If you remember during the Emergency days, the Communist party was forcing their believes into every citizen of Malaya. Islamization in Malaysia, as what spoken a few months ago was an attempt to form a new 'socialism' practice in Malaysia.

Come on BN, let me hear that dirty word - SOCIALISM!


  1. there is nothing wrong with bn members supporting their party choice. do you expect them to support the DAP?
    let us also not equate islam with socialism. there is a limit to patience, they say.

  2. Let's not forget that we might want to consider looking at another angle (leave no nook and cranny behind) where there are some BN MPs felt that either Wan Junaidi or Ronald isn't their choice and wish they want someone else. To some (think Zaid as example) might not agree but there's the whip coming if they go against them.

    As for the second statement, you might recall that Raja Petra was saying that line on BLOG (TV1). Equating Islam - well is one of the examples. If you discard the Islamic factor, forcing their policies on people is also another way of saying that thing but in an indirect manner.


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