Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blogging Is By Passion, Not A Must.

The approach to blogging seems to be taken wrongly by certain quarters with for the sake of communicating with people and other readers alike.

As I remembered during the BUM 2009 event, a speaker (whom I can't recall) said that blogging of something of interest is born out of the self-interest and passion of someone. My blog friend, De Minimis told me before that he would write if there is something interesting to share or interesting to write, otherwise, he would not write at all.

As for myself, I have thought of several pieces of things to share with fellow readers and etc, and if I do not have something to write or being too tired from work, I would not write at all for that day.

You do not hire people to write a posting in a blog. That is the wrong approach, the case in point is that the Pahang government employing retirees to write and blog - it's not by passion, but it's by the money...wrong. And the next one coming is the Kedah state BN women's wing which according to Berita Harian tends to train them to blog. It's okay to train, but the question there is do they have the interest or do they required to answer every nook and cranny of whatever is happening in Kedah?

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