Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Daylight Robbery Coming Soon

As if removing subsidies for sugar, flour and bread is not enough, taxi and bus fares could go up between another 30 to 50 percent. But then putting the prices up will bring more bad effects to the people instead of getting a gain from the sellers.

If that is the case, to minimize the thing, Malaysia must increase its capita income to at least $12K USD per year in the short notice of time. Currently we are at $6.3K per year whereas Singapore stands at $32K per year. This means, improving the exchange rate since the USD is imploding and declining with each day. Secondly, it will be a tough challenge to get rid of corruption and nepotism in order.

The people have the right to take the government to the challenge over the issue. Too much politics bickering over more pressing matters defintely makes people giving up / abandoning hope on how Malaysia will pull through the economy. Even the measures taken by BN are inadequate.

Frankly, increasing the prices will do no good. On consumer products, eventually, the producers will have to drop their prices since nobody is keen to buy. Whereas gradually after a few months, people will go less on public transport like taxi and bus given of their fares. This will make things worse given that the railway and bus system remaining inefficient.

Sales could drop later on. And bingo...cheap things could come again.

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