Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stadium Collapse - Who's Fault Is It Anyway?

A half-billion stadium built during the Idris Jusoh administration that has 70% of the structure collapsed in a blink of an eye.

Immediately the questions are:

1. Who are the participating sub-contractors?
2. Did the project follow safety guidelines, schedules and etc..
3. Is a demolition work in progress there? Rust that easily goes to dust?
4. Why didn't Samy Vellu get tough on those contractors before he went off?

Well then, Idris Jusoh and his gang could be in hot turtle soup over this matter.

Speaking of which, is it possible that Big Mama's jogging could cause this?

Excerpt from Tukar Tiub's:


Bik Mama telah naik darah apabila nama Altantuya dilaungkan kepada isterinya.

Bik Mama memberi amaran jika kedengaran lagi nama Mongol itu disebut sebut dia kan berjogging di Kuala Terengganu akan berlakulah gempa bumi di Pantai Timur.

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