Monday, June 22, 2009

Cops Giving A Very Bad PR Impression To The Public

It's just a dinner and with FRU trucks and water cannons part of the big group of police sealing off the DAP fund raising dinner, thus giving the first 3500 people - the impression of a very bad Public Relationship of the police with the public. The famous reputation of LAPD - "To Serve The Public" is a foregone no no in Bolehland. Based on Malaysiakini's coverage there, by making a mess out of it, including intruding private property to take away PA systems, giving all these ridiculous rules and conditions despite people carrying no objects of violence, it is clear that the police had indeed crossed the line , in the name of Police Act 1967.

The Police Act has been proven in the last three years to be heavily misused and there is an ulterior motive to gag people with the knowledge that people's intelligence and awareness on the country's mismanagment is getting bigger and worsen as everyday goes by.

As Kay Peng said earlier on, the moaning of the police force (100000 of them) being insufficient to combat crime in the country is rendered useless with this one act: showing up in full force on a illogical event that is considered a crime whereas the number of street crimes had not been reduced siginificantly.

There was one question mark raised, when I read an excerpt from Charles Santiago's blog which said of the permit being withdrawn on Friday although it has been approved by the Klang Police District Headquarters. Seems like there is an interference from either the state or the federal police, in which to pressure the district station to cancel the approval of permit. I wonder who actually overruled the whole thing? Of course the first person that people are going to point fingers at or scream at is Khalid Bakar or Najib.

What will the people say after this, I wonder? Try asking anyone in the urban areas particularly those in the working group and the young, and they will say "Police is not doing the job properly" , or they'll say other bad things about them. It's not about giving compliments to them as of previously. It is more of police bashing because of doing something illogical. Currently, what you see here is a flaw in the Police Act 1967. Society in the last 40 years have been much stable than before, so therefore, the act is somewhat needs a revision or so. Maybe from tomorrow onwards some would brand police as busybodies!

But I do understand about those who were ordered to go there. It is the first thing, a waste of time over something that poses no serious threat or whatsoever. Secondly, they wasted money and resources for nothing. Third, despite knowing that it is again the morality and principle, they are unable to say no and must follow superior orders or risk being transferred elsewhere as a result of insubordination. The ones who are thinking like this are those in the lower to mid levels of police level hierachy. It is the decisions of the top brass that is put to question.

I do have the knowledge and comfort that the police force is currently split as like the split in 2007 between camp Musa and camp Ramli. With the seven SDs, as exposed by Raja Petra it seems that the lower levels are starting to question why the police are linked to underworld and its figures like BK , Tangkak Tengku, etc.. That thing has also sparked a question on whether their actions are against the moral principles, logics, society stances, etc. Sure, what the top brass do shows that isto kowtow to the political masters. It has become an extension, indirect extension of the Gerombolan. And on the other hand, this points to why crimes are still high and why Malaysia was blacklisted for human trafficking by the USA.

Imagine there is a caretaker government and in the period of six months - as the provision in the Federal Constituition stipulates - , the caretakers, neutral people should consider revamping the police force from bottom to top. The allocation is indeed wrong, the approaches that they take are irrelevant and so on.

The days of good police leadership since Hanif's days are all gone.

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