Monday, June 29, 2009

We Didn't Give You Permission To Do That, Zambry!

There is a saying that if you try to be foolish of yourself or doing something that is stupid, don't show it or you don't tell it to the people. That's all. My point is the mainstream media did not even bother to show or trying to hush the people over what is happening to Perak, and the only expose on the false promises by Mamak Zambry is exposed by Malaysiakini.

Some of the points highlighted of what damaged and dismantling done by Mamak Pangkor are:

* 3,000 applications from residents of new and planned villages to convert their land titles from leasehold to freehold cancelled.

* 817 elected village headmen had their term of office terminated. The village chiefs have since filed a suit in the Ipoh High Court to be reinstated.

* The proposal to change the octagon Yak Tack Seng market along Jalan Osbone into a tourist centre scrapped.

* The uniform one-coupon parking system for vehicles, and at a discounted rate from April, for the whole state did not see daylight.

* The proposed RM38 million new bus terminal at Meru Raya in Jelapang grounded.

* The open-tender policy for approving government contracts, land and logging concessions reverted to the old system of closed tenders.

* The giving state land to religious schools and Chinese independent schools also scrapped.

* The policy of giving RM1,000 to the dependents of senior citizens who die too has been buried.

* The process of legalising the 134 new villages put on hold.

Sorry, Nat, but I tend to be more familiar of this given I am Ipoh-bred and I am to say that how Barisan Nasional led by the gerombolan United Malays National Organisation came in and staged the coup is somewhat like they are doing things without the people of Perak's permission.

In other words, I didn't give you the permission to do that, Mamak. In Kampung Simee the village near my neighborhood, people booed this man when he visited there. In Yuk Choy primary school in Hugh Low Street they make a mockery of him, erecting a tombstone for this 'puppet' (as some called) of Big Mama.

True, I am an angry citizen, felt being robbed and being intruded into my house. In other words, they came to our houses without our permission. Our permission is being asked a yes or a no. It's like being taught of never to come in uninvited or being permitted by the host. Even the Muslim way is that you do not take anything unless you are the guest of the host and the host invites you to something.

I repeat - I do not blame Sultan Azlan for the entire fiasco. I have a good idea and reason to believe why BN to now refuses to go for the state level snap-elections - for reason of losing their ill-gotten gains. If Zambry would do that, I think he'd be whacked left and right by Big Mama. You see after the coup, a friend told me of how Big Mama reprimanded Najib for forgetting to hit Sivakumar. I don't have to repeat what he said but you can google around and you'll find out.

I am no loyalist of Pakatan Rakyat but I find it morally wrong for that thing to happen.

There is a saying that revenge is a dish best served raw. This entire scenario previously happened in Kelantan from 1978 to 1990. The people felt cheated and dished out revenge to Barisan in 1990. To now, BN couldn't capture Kelantan. The people there learned the hard way and they gave them a taste of their medicine. If there happens to be a snap election or next GE, I just wish that a dish of revenge is to be served at the gerombolan. And there is this question: do people find themselves foolish for picking BN just because of being a loyalist?

Sometimes I find myself unforgiven towards what people do at me and this is a case of point. This is absolutely unforgiven. What was exposed of what Mamak Pangkor Zambry did is literally like walking one step backwards. If this is Russia and in 1942, there's going to be a bullet on his head for 'walking one step backwards'. But the question is will fellow Perakians like myself feel unforgiven as I do of what BN took from us without our permission?

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