Sunday, June 7, 2009

More Antiques, Moving Stuff

After a meeting with a bunch of friends in Devi's corner, I took an early off to go back to Ipoh to help do more of moving the stuff out of the house before we handed it over to the new owner. I only got back there 5 a.m in the morning, something which my mother told me to sleep early last night. This round, there's still plenty of stuff to move in and out, notably some items from my room, my own stack of clothes, and a few other things as well as throwing the thrash - many bags to a dump in Canning.

But the most interesting part is of course of while digging around the stuff, I noticed some interesting classical items, items that are over 30 years and above. For instance, there is a sewing machine in the middle room which is about 42 years old. None of my relatives are interested so I decided to keep it away rather than throwing it off due to its sentimental value.

There are tons of photos which my grandparents kept in which I saved it to be either given back to relatives or converting one corner of the new house as a photo gallery.

The best part is - this set of tools - used to make Kueh Kapit. I remembered granny did it once when I was little boy. But the last thing she made six months before she died was the chang - dumplings - done because my brother wanted to eat.

The date of moving in was tentative (10th) subject to various circumstances like ownership payment dues, so we could have extra time to make sure things are cleared off.

Sigh..there's the last time of sleeping there.

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