Friday, June 26, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael Jackson is No More...

"August 29 1997 came and went by, Michael Jackson was 40..."

Sarah Connor, Terminator 2 alternate ending

I got up this morning to check on some news and some postings (BBC feed) and from Hisham Rais (I just love his mockery of BN) and I was shell shocked to see the news that Michael Jackson, (Wacko-Jacko, King of Pop), you name it, the most lucrative singing sensation of the 80s was dead in an apparent cardiac arrest early morning (Malaysia time).

When I was a little boy, the first song that I heard from Michael Jackson was the famous "Man In The Mirror". Then as time goes on, the first Wacko-Jacko music video that I saw was "Black and White" starring Macaulay Culkin and John Goodman - it was hilarious in the opening when Dad Goodman was blown off from the roof into a wild African safari by his then 8 year old kid, fresh from his debut in Home Alone. He also wrote some social-themed, very moving songs with one notable one was 'Heal The World' taken from the Free Willy theme.

History Volume 1 was arguably his last best-selling collection of songs. Invincible was his last album, despite producing new songs, picking 15 good ones, the last one didn't do well. The last we heard is that he wanted to do farewell concerts, but like human nature dictates, if you're 50 and above, you can do those dance routines, and those moves like in the 80s or early 90s!

Jackson's death was like a double-dealing blow coming immediately after Farrah Fawcett. Fawcett's was very much expected given of the last rites administered to her one day before. But not on Wacko-Jacko. Given that he had underwent physical tests to ensure he was fit for his ultimate concert. It has been almost close to two years, since I last wrote such an eulogy like this, the last one was being of the big man Luciano Pavarotti.

He is the late 20th century equivalent of Elvis or James Brown, either two, to those born in Generation X, he's the ultimate music icon and the unexpected death throws something that is the new appeal to people born in the 90s and now. Also The Final Curtain concert, already 750000 tickets booked in advanced is scuppered already, cancelled...

His older Jermaine Jackson was in Malaysia not long ago . According to him on CNN, the pathologists are doing an autopsy on him and KABC showed a little disturbing picture from birds-eye view of the hospital attendants transferring the body from a chopper to UCLA hospital for an autopsy.

As of now, the question remains of who could take over the throne as the new King of Pop given it is now vacant? It's Rest In Peace for you Mr. Jacko...

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