Friday, June 12, 2009

Husam: To Prove A Point To Pas

There are mixed signals from the PAS leadership with one side intending to listen and show their interest of forming a unity government with UMNO while another side and the Pakatan Rakyat partners are very much against it. In the PAS camp, it is clear that the Erdogan faction notably led by Husam, favored by spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat, the women's wing and Mat Sabu's camp are against the conservative Nasharuddin ISA camp that considers of the unity concept with UMNO.

Frankly, these three factions from 500 members or a big portion of the PAS party. Without them PAS will not be able to function well. What Husam should led by example is to tell the heads of PAS of them threatening to do an exodus if they are to go for the unity government issue. With the Erdogan faction in the lead, the women and Mat Sabu's wing should follow suit as Husam does. Consider setting up a third front, with Nik Aziz as the lead. This will indeed proof a point to PAS that unity government is a total no no to them or to the PAS partners.

It is always as expected that after their general assembly that unity government is always in the idea of UMNO because of the number of Malay representatives like in Selangor is starting to get lesser and lesser compared to the non-Malay ADUNS. That is a way of telling people that Malay rights are gone..bla..bla..bla. Or to put in another way, the amount of Malay representation is violating the quota that is used to be in the last few terms in Parliament or state assembly.

The unity government idea is actually making DAP pissed off and it is part of provocating DAP to pull out of Pakatan Rakyat and spark the pepecahan dalam PR as what UMNO is expecting. This is something that people will have to be very very careful on.

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