Friday, June 5, 2009

Instructed To Do So or Otherwise?

I was told via someone and Malaysiakini saying that the two Old Town Kopitiam shops, one in Jaya 33 were closed because of this Facebook invitation saying of drinks and Black T-Shirts (to mark the May 7 incident).

I'm not really bothered about the details but I am sure that the cops are threatening to shut down the shop with false pretences of upgrading - no...these shop operators are acting against the will, which points to the metaphor of the police being the Nazi Gestapo - anything they don't like they do it because in the name of law and blah..blah..blah.

Whoever gave the order is as a dimwit as a troll because the man cannot think in the moral, and logical way, just merely being a subservient of the superior whose orders can be considered as immoral or illogical. Just imagine that if you are the one of the commandos from the military instructed to kill a woman in cold blood, will you do that because of the 'follow the order' routine? You're not a robot that is programmed to do're a human!

They should have not been busybodies going after the good apples instead of bad scum .

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