Sunday, June 7, 2009

MACC In Hot Soup Over A Detainee's Interrogation

How and why Norza Zakaria was disqualified from contesting in the UMNO general elections is not very important. But you can see the link there. But the most interesting part of the revelation is how the Anti-Corruption Commission interrogated a man (Norza's underling) and their methods to use them. Seems shocking is how they assault an innocent man who knows nothing to get their info.

Below is an excerpt of what the man descibed about being assaulted by MACC men.
1. I was beaten on the head, stomach and shoulders repeatedly by three MACC men on 23 January 2009.
2. I was kicked on the ribs by the knees of an officer.
3. I was forced to be naked in front of the three officers.
4. The officer who claimed to be the head of the unit choked me until I could not breath and pushed me to a wall.
It seems that now the MACC is now facing hot soup over the 'Abu Ghraib' interrogation methods.

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