Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zaid Ibrahim Joined PKR

I was already informed since early last month from a drinking meet with a few friends that Zaid Ibrahim will be joining PKR. And today, it was officially announced, but the mainstream media went to a different direction of reporting by saying Anwar announced that Zaid will join instead of saying directly like "Zaid Joins PKR" as seen in Malaysiakini.

Yes, it was said that he will join PKR but what was never mentioned is when exactly, except I was told that it had to be somewhere in June. A friend of mine, who went with him to Penanti did told to myself and a few friends something similar what is mentioned in The Malaysian Insider:

Strangers walked up to him and urged him to sever his links with Barisan Nasional (BN). But until a week ago, he felt that he did not want to submit himself to the cut throat world of party politics, appreciating that PKR politics may be as distasteful to him as the shenanigans in Umno.

As a compromise, he decided that he would set up a brains trust of prominent Malaysians and provide intellectual input for PR. This unit would be funded by PKR-DAP-PAS and would help firm up a common platform for the Opposition.

Zaid told friends that he was concerned that PR was drifting. He believed that a better Malaysia is only possible with a strong alternative to BN. He briefed Anwar on his idea of helming this think tank and received the latter’s approval.

I remembered being told that Zaid was at times thinking that joining was wrong and rather be involved in setting up a brains trust thing third front thing. Anyhow, now that he is part of PKR, the risk is that if PKR gets criticized left and right, so will he too, unlike being among the third-party lines. If that is the choice, well so be it. In this case, perhaps Husam Musa could consider taking over Zaid's should be role of setting up a third front or something.

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