Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jacksonmania and His Last Two Singles

It has been more than 4 days since the shocking sudden death of Michael Jackson and Jackson mania has hit the world again. All of his music records were sold out in most music shops everywhere when news hit the world and every media shop is playing his video music, including the recorded Dangerous world tour.

Back in the mid-90s, in Malaysia, some people would refer the initials of M.J not as Michael Jackson but actually to the then Domestic and Consumer Affairs Minister, the late Tan Sri Megat Junid Ayub, M.J that is given that he makes rounds on the 'sell Made In Malaysia goods' campaign.

Back to the real story.

After the History collection, Jackson released two but not as great albums namely Blood on The Dance Floor: History in The Mix and his final recorded album, Invincible. The last two singles known to hit the airwaves after You're Not Alone is the title track from the former and You Rock My World from Invincible featuring Chris Tucker.

When you hit 40 you are not as great as before because of your age, you will not be able to perform those stunts, including the moonwalk or the vocals as great as before. Jackson tried to repeat the feat being at 50, but as the saying goes, it ain't that easy as before when you try to repeat your gags.

In my opinion, these two tracks are the last two hit singles from King of Pop, and though it is not as popular as the greatest smash hits, these could be the good farewell in retrospective for MJ.


Blood On The Dance Floor

You Rock My World (From Invincible)

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