Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Captain America - Back From The Dead

Pretty surprising when I was informed that Captain America (Steve Rogers) who was assassinated at the end of Civil War (see The Death of Captain America) is finally returning back from the dead with the release of the 5-part mini-series called Reborn starting from July until year end.

After the event that shook Marvel universe, I was engrossed in reading the aftermath of the assassination with the Death of Captain America trilogy, concluding with Part III entitled, The Man Who Bought America. It seems that during that progression, many of us has accepted Bucky Barnes as taking over the role of Cap that was left vacant.

I had the believe that nobody can kill Captain America except the Red Skull himself because it is always Schmidt's obsession to face Steve one-on-one to see who is the better of the two matched opponents with a different ideology. If there is a killing by a someone that is neither the two, there is likely that a character will be restored at a later point. For instance, at the beginning of Winter Soldier, when the Red Skull was shot dead by Bucky, he was restored at a later point when we learnt that his conciousness resided in the body of General Alek Lukin.

You can take a scene from The Spirit movie of why Octopus is not willing to let others kill his arch-rival except by his own hands. That's a hint for you guys out there.

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  1. C'mon, we all knew he was going to come back someday. I'm happy that they got Bryan Hitch to do the honours for the art and Bru to write the tale himself. :)

    BTW, check out my new/old blog -

    ~ Edmund


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