Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who Are These MPs That Say Aye To Plan B..DNA?

The DNA bill is quite controversial and sometimes debating it triggered some shouting matches last year and it was just passed with just a mere one vote difference. I know that this is always Plan B to kow tim Anwar Ibrahim so that he will still be convicted of Sodomy II despite clear evidence that there's no part of him involved whatsoever at Saiful. How Saiful gets connected to Najib about the sodomy thing is through his godmother, Mumtaz Jaafar, a bag lady and exercise partner of Rosmah at the Lake Club Badminton.

But I'm not really into repeating the gossip. It's merely looking into the picture of who are these MPs who say yes to the bill. I'm pretty skeptical of how the bill is going to be used or executed upon when it is approved and gazetted by the government.

There are two questions to be questioned really, first thing is about preventing the misuse or tampering by those in charge of the data bank. Is there any mention of measures to check that misuse? This is apart from the assurance that only a DCP or above officer is allowed to be in charge of the DNA bank. But what about Rodwan Yusof in the distant future? After all, DCP is two ranks above SAC II.

The second issue is mainly about musing, I really wonder who are these jokers that said yes to the bill? Okay, as far as I know, the bill was passed with just one vote difference. There are a maximum of 219 votes, meaning it can only be 110-109, maximum, (three excludes the speakers) of course and there are some from BN who disagreed. Fine, that's not a problem. But I was brought to the attention of something that mentions about 27 MPs out of 31 from Sarawak that doesn't stand up or make a sound at all, two of them Ministers, one ex-Minister. And it makes me think that these are amont the buggers being longkang MPs, people who promised to represent their community in Parliament before elections, but remained silent after they are elected by the people - in other words, false promises. I still remembered what Ronnie Liu told me about a year ago about choosing who and who and the term of Longkang MPs.

Do they actually know well both sides of the bill? Like both sides of a coin? Or they blindly follow the leader of saying a mere yes without understanding?

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