Friday, June 19, 2009

Sodomy Plan Scuttered, Then Now It's Plan B

The report from the specialists in the KL General Hospital revealed negative results of Saiful Bulkhari being sodomized by Anwar Ibrahim. The report is definitely putting a blow to the plan that is setup by Najib, Big Mama and "the sodomologist extraordinaire" to put Anwar Ibrahim out of the picture.

As a result, Barisan Nasional is moving back to plan B that is to push for the passing of the DNA act, which will compel all suspects to give their DNA samples, in failure will be violating the act or committing the offence. The hidden agenda of them being panic is echoing the theme of Mayans fighting on another like kids whereas the Spanish conquistadors are arriving to conquer Mayan. This means that the political scene in Malaysia is like Barisan Nasional fighting the other camp tooth and nail while ignoring the looming economic meltdown sometime at the end of the year.

According to Malaysiakini, the old samples can be admissable as proof, in means the old sample of DNA in which Rodwan Yusof allegedly tampered the evidence in 1998 could mean that BN wanted a very quick conviction to take off Anwar from the board.

Right now, the infighting means that majority of sides are out of ideas to eliminate one another and so far, attempts to remove Rosmah has resulted in blanks. The only thing that will put it once and for all is the MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, and time is short before the apocalypse of the world economy meltdown consumes Malaysia.

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