Sunday, June 28, 2009

30% Subsidy For All IT-Related Equipment

Every year, PIKOM organizes a PC fair nationwide in the months of April, August and December. The is always a sense of encouragement by government and PIKOM to improve the IT awareness and penetration to the end-user. That is why PC fairs are part of it. But then, despite all the latest equipment and encouragement to improve IT awareness, the amout of sales and buying power from the end user is still low - only at buying when necessary - status.

The reason is very simple that the cost of buying is simply over the amount we can afford. Most of the equipment purchased are imported from China or America since they are manufactured Justify Fullthere. The cost is calculated on the exchange rate of USD to Malaysia to Ringgit at the time the stock was acquired. The cost also includes the 30 percent import duty imposed by Customs.

This is Malaysia, we do not have the much buying power as Singapore do, as they can buy 5 times more than us. If you want to increase buying power, here, then the government has to give 30 percent subsidy to all IT related items like hardware and subsidy. Removal of import duty imposed on this should be suffice though or deduct 30 percent from all items cost.

But this is not a suggestion. It is a radical must do thing. Dino, anyone?

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