Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim: I'm Back!

With Anwar winning the by-election (final tally of 31195:15524), he would be very happy to declare that he finally gets the chance to go back to Parliament for the first time in 10 years as early as tomorrow. Also, with that victory, Anwar has accomplished 1/3 of the 3P. 2nd P is going to Parliament.

The question now is a matter of time of when he goes for the swearing-in.

If possible, I would like to see him sit opposite Dollah Badawi scrutinizing what he'd say on Budget Day this Friday.

On the other hand, Hisham Rais has provided an account that police manhandled Gobalakrishnan and his two sons in the lockup. They were arrested for playing the part of ghostbusters - stopping phantom voters into the area. UMNO went self-destruct when workers from Johor vandalized the building exterior.

The congratulations are in order right now for Anwar...

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