Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Review on Izzi Broadband

It was shopping galore for me and my colleagues at PC Fair yesterday. We bought a lot of stuff and a colleague of mine told me that it's still not enough....

I decided to switch from my present Maxis Broadband to the new Izzi IBurst thing, since I was told that it performed well than other ISPs - which includes location altitude, different signal transmissions (it uses radio wave than the present satellite link), better radius of coverage and etc.

After calculating, I thought it was roughly the same price as the Maxis one. I was still bound by the 18-month contract period until next month and the prices there are now lower than last year. Oh..well, I decided to take it with the interest free installment.

Open the box and it's just that piece and a CD...that's it.

After going through everything..I was ready to start up. Except that I got a little stuck because I was looking at the wrong place for the security number!

Of course it's better than the current Maxis line I'm using right now. The speed I measured at night time - 260:55 is usually what I get in the morning in Maxis. And another disadvantage would be the P2p control you'd see in Maxis.

Placing your thing is very important in order to get a constant connection. I got disconnected a few times simply because I realized that I placed it at the wrong direction. You can try moving the piece around the table to see where's the best place to put. In the end, I've put it at the top left of my table.

Another test I did was gauging the loading times for a video in Youtube. For a six minute video, it takes about 3 minutes to load completely in daytime, while at night it could take about 5 minutes, since there's high usage at night by others. In fact in Maxis, at night time, it takes 10 minutes or more to load a video clip like that.

The summary? If you are staying in high-level buildings beyond level 5, then you might want to go for this, if you don't have or don't like Streamyx. Prior to that, I would suggest checking for a the nearest node point before deciding on which broadband you want to subscribe. For example, if you are staying very far from the node point, then you might want to get this. My nearest node point is somewhere near KFC in Jalan Genting Klang so, the radius can be roughly two-three kilometers from my house, which I can get it well. The high selling points here would be the radius, coverage and it's flexible money back clause.

It's worth to pay $98 per month really for a good and better connection than other BBs.

A.N: I am planning to test it at my brother's apartment near Cyberjaya and if it performs brilliantly there, I might get another for him.

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