Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Saiful Swearing: Salah But 'Halal' In Islam Hadhari

Swearing on the Quran actually doesn't exist, but if Saiful do that, then it is UMNO orchestrated, since the man beside Saiful is an UMNO member himself.

I might not know anything of the Quran at all but I remembered a part from Raja Petra's post that said: when Prophet's fourth wife was accused of adultery, the prophet summoned the followers and asked that four eyewitnesses show up to proof that the wife committed adultery. None showed up and because of these false accusations, the accusers were given 40 lashes as punishment.

Yesterday night, I saw the news at NTV7 and I watched the responses of the UMNO supporters. Most of them said that Anwar should swear by the Quran. But from that, as Mr. Mahathir said "Melayu mudah lupa", they should remember well of the Quran. Those who were born in the 40s to the 60s should have the knowledge of the Quran...though you are not expected to remember everything from the start of the book to the finish.

If Anwar knows Sun Tzu or other stories of Ashoka, then he should know the Quran well. And he knows it. He recalls passages during his lectures occasionally. Looking back at the video, UMNO supporters, naturally as a Malay but forgotten lessons from the Quran?

True, there was no such thing as swearing by the Quran. If it happens, then I must presume that this thing exists in Islam Hadhari. True, it confuses many people and that's why some states refuse to accept I.H especially in Selangor.The Bible forbids of anyone tampering what was written and such thing above is one example, but not directly of going against what is written in the Bible / Quran. Is Islam Hadhari going in that direction?


  1. Anwar don't have to follow all this fools .They don't have anythings to do then to make more problems and create more troubles for the malaysian people.If they are so free there is a lot of more pressing issues and court cases .
    First is who is saiful and why the govt is taking so much interest in this small shits .Let the moron say what they like .We know what is what ok

  2. I swear on Ed Brubaker's "Captain America Omnibus". Does that count? :)

    ~ Edmund


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