Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pak Lah: Like Napoleon, Like Hitler

Pic by Kickdefella

Both Napoleon and Hitler had reached their peaks before they fall all because of one reason: greed - going too far, biting more than what they can chew. In the case of both men, they tried to invade Moscow, but the invasion ended in disaster because of the freezing winter. The freezing weather makes them difficult to go on, morale sapped, supplies and reinforcements cut off.

And that is the prelude of what will happen before their fall. Napoleon's fall was in the Battle of Waterloo while Hitler's fall was the Russian attack on Reichstag, the crumbling end of the Third Reich.

So does Abdullah Badawi. He will soon join these two men as arrogant men who tried to go too far and ended up punished. In this case, he has tried going too far by taking out Anwar first, then dragging Najib to the mess. That was part of his Operation Grandslam. But then his, 'Grandslam' has hit the brakes and on the ground harder than he thought. But it can still be salvaged.

Yesterday, some people in Pakatan Rakyat and others were nervously waiting for the outcome of the to-be-released medical report by the KL General Hospital. The doctors were under immense pressure by the government and police to amend the report so that they can say that Anwar is guilty of sodomizing Saiful. But thankfully, they did not buckle to their pressure. So that's why this Ampang MP Zuraida Kamarudin sent 10 bouquets of roses to the HKL administrators - to thank them for not amending the report.

So what does that mean? This means that it is possible to say that the charges against Anwar were trumped up, and now becomes useless. And we should be seeing Dollah Badawi pushing for the charge again although the latest plan becomes totally useless.

To eliminate Anwar and the Pakatan Rakyat, Abdullah Badawi has a temporary inner circle comprising of notable men - Musa Hassan, Sidek Hassan, Wan Farid Salleh, some notable UMNO ministers and etc..They were given the autonomy to utilize whatever resources to accomplish the three main objectives. Of course low level subordinates who were disgusted by their antics of their superiors could be leaking those stuff out to the public - I'm not sure whether I've hit on this point or not. But that means that they have been misusing the people's money.

On the by-election, there has been some notable elements of saboteurs and vote rigging planning. Each voter could be paid $1000 to vote for BN. And Syed Hamid has misused the resources of police - actually meant to fight crime not to go hunt opposition. And there's the thing of Hindraf possibly sabotaged..whatever. Expect them to fight dirty, all because of accomplishing Bedol Napoleon's objective of recapturing Permatang Pauh for Barisan Najis.

Anyhow, Permatang Pauh, some said, can be seen as Abdullah's Waterloo or attempting to invade Russia. Some feel that it's his final battle. And now he has to fight two fronts..one outside against Anwar, another against the ACA report by his own UMNO members while finding a way to double-cross Najib. Najib will not survive really.

If there is one thing we can learn from Hitler and Napoleon, it is this: never fight on two fronts at the same time and going too far than more you can chew can be a disaster. Look at what how the best men in Napoleon and Hitler were ridden away due to the place called Russia.

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