Sunday, August 24, 2008

What, Man? Not You Again Najib!

Excerpt from The Star:

PEKAN: The Government might reconsider issuing rebates if the people did not appreciate its initiatives to help reduce their financial burden, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

His response came about after a question noting that some people felt that the prices of diesel and petrol that had been reduced between eight and 22 sen a litre from Friday was too little.

Najib, who appeared to be a bit annoyed, said the people must understand that for every litre, the price was subsidised 30 sen.

He also said they have forgotten about the RM625 rebate given to owners with vehicles up to 2,000cc that was announced in June.

“The rebate, if translated, will cost between 35 sen and 40 sen a litre. If the people do not appreciate the rebates, it is better for us not issue any more in the future.

“It is better for us to transfer the allocation for the rebate to reduce the fuel price,” he told reporters after visiting an education and career exhibition here on Saturday.


Not you again, man. Previously, some Johor politicians have called on the non-Malays to remember appreciating the Malays for giving citizenship rights to them during the Merdeka period. And also someone famously said that if you don't like us, then go back to India or China, which makes people insulted against some 'Bumiputra' politicians.

Yes, there are some who have kept a record of how many bad mistakes that Najib has made, including 1987, 'bathing the 'dagger' in Chinese blood'. It sounds kind of threatening, given the statement made by Najib. The context is indeed very similar to the go back Tong San or India thing.

Unfortunately, only three to four cabinet ministers / deputy ministers that knows economics like Amirsham Aziz or Nor Yackop. The rest of the lot are merely politicians and those knowing other fields but not even basic economics. Perhaps that's why economic management is week and compromised for the sake of prestige position in the government.

I will save the Permatang Pauh thing until later but a few hours ago, I was given an inspiration, while visiting a church at the invitation of a friend of mine. After that, I was pretty sure that there will be fresh changes in Malaysia. Which means of breaking down the walls of Jericho (BN in this case).

Now, I am pretty sure that I am able to mutter and say 'Auf Wiedersehen Najib' all time long.

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