Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Men Against The Orwellian Government

In Brazil, a little man known as Sam Lowry unknowingly in his pursuit of the woman that he saw in his dreams, one Jill Layton, breaks many rules that it seems that challenges the might of the an Orwellian English government and somehow won psychologically and spiritually over the big machine.

And so does Anwar Ibrahim and and this blogger called Penarik Beca.

I'll start with Anwar. Anwar has a strong alibi, he has proof including a SD by the Puswari doctor and etc to say that the government is deliberately setting him up. Yes, they are setting him up because the moment he walks into Parliament, it's likely to be a premature game over for Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak. And now the semen evidence that they are banking on is not likely going to work. And then there's a taped confession by Saiful's associate that is going to be revealed later that shows that Saiful lied all along.

You could picture how the prosecutors in the AG chambers react in this morning's court session. Their reaction implies that they are being pressured politically by either the F.F.B or Abdullah Badawi himself or the inner circle that he belongs to. Abdullah indeed is lying to the public to say that he's not involved. He is involved. He is ordering them to keep charging Anwar, and to put him away at jail.

At least Komala, the judge isn't stupid. She asked DSP Jude Pereira whether Anwar had co-operated fully. He nodded, so she gave a personal bond minus surety. Isn't that better? At least someone had co-operated and not run away as many police top brass would believe in Anwar.

I can be like Roy Batty in Blade Runner - a tragic figure who wants to preserve his memories and wants to move on. I am kind of similar to him, scared of what will happen when things change. I wanted to go along with the change, but not without people helping me through - otherwise I could be lost in the middle. At least, I admit that I'm not like UMNO people who refuses to change for the better good.

I remembered reading a page from David Eick's book called Tales of the Time Loop which says that if you say things that is you feel is right and not against what government wants, in other words different opinions, you are considered as an extremist. So that's what happened to Penarik Beca today - arrested for Sedition Act. When the real thing comes out, the wrong will use that to gag the truth and people who look for truth. To put fear in people - the kind of people who could stand up against the corrupt machinery, the Orwellian government.

After some time keeping tabs of the updates of Penarik Beca, I thought of maybe the name Little Taffer carries the same purpose as this two men...little men against Big Brother who calls them low-life..maybe that's what my blogs means for now!

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  1. Orwellophile - Someone who is fascinated by the vision of George Orwell's dystopia.


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