Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bury Him? No, Man, BN Got Buried!

A few days ago, the brash arrogant monkey called Khairy Jamaluddin famously said that "BN should bury Anwar politcally in Permatang Pauh".

But in the end it was the other way round. The people have rejected the BN regime and BN gets buried alive.

We thought it was going to be less than 10000 majority but at the end it's around 15000. With that, it means that it's a political obituary for BN - no I mean, one more step to the death of BN soon.

Around 4 in the evening, Pak Lah has left the airport back to K.L, I think it means that he has thrown the white towel. Najib will be the one to blame because he led the BN machinery to Permatang Pauh and lost. And Son-In-Law got whacked for what he said.

I think that the main reason was that the statement by the imam in witness neutralized what Barisan has been banking for to win at Permatang Pauh. Those hopes vanished yesterday. The imam was indirectly PR's ace in the hole.

As for BN, they are now falling back to a few things:

1. Delay as long as possible for Anwar to enter Parliament. Many are expecting him to enter tomorrow.

2. Accelearting for the possible approval of the DNA bill so that it can be used to fabricate evidence at Anwar.

3. This one is the worst. Hardcore UMNO loyalists are putting the blame game on bloggers and netizens so, watch for this point in the next space or so.


  1. Clamping down on the bloggers?

    Nay, you bloggers are a bunch of pretty resilient & resourceful netizens as compare to those monkey in putrajaya!

    Do not allow your freedom of expression to be hijack by scumbags!


  2. bro lil Taff,

    heheh..wat can I say.. a appy result for u but a sad one for me,..heheh..neway i gess it wun be long b4 justice prove who's rite or wrong n my gess is bro AnWar will never b d PM of Malaysia.. dis is d closes he can get...i hope,..heheh..wat can I say..(,")


    p.s. congrats neway,.. :)


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