Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Up Next: Malaysian McCarthyism on Netizens

In my previous posting, Bury Him? No, Man, BN Got Buried! , I have indicated that one of the things that the government would fall back on after this by-election would be to play the blame-game on bloggers and netizens. To them, the bloggers have been proven as the bane of BN government and it was due to their ignorance that they lost badly on March 8.

Yes, the BN government is facing many allegations from bloggers and they are trying to counter them. However, to some, some of the allegations are actually true in nature but the ones that walk in the corridors of power will try to deny them.

As the result, the Barisan regime has concluded that tough action is needed to put hold bloggers responsible for they understood that if nothing is done so, they would be wiped out in the next general elections. Among those who concurred were senior officials, ministers and especially Najib Razak.

UMNO loyalists are the ones that are pushing for tougher action against bloggers and newsportals including hauling up bloggers for their opinions that could be against the government.

Full article here.

So, they are still not listening to what the people have spoken? Whoever said that is still in the realm of dinosaurs - people who don't even know of Information Technology. Someday, when that happens, some other bloggers could be pissed off and will start whacking at these idiots. As for me, you might have a good guess of what I'm going to do. And for Najib, it's Auf Wiedersehen....I've promised a friend, I'd go to Finnegans when the real deal leaks out!


  1. Finnegans it is then! :)

    Looking forward to interesting times ahead...

    ~ Edmund

  2. hi Melvin,
    These BN guys are in denial and after many many years of bullshit they are now believing it themselves.
    You cant bullshit all the people all the time! The people are turning to blogs as they know the MSM are one-side and only act as the mouthpiece for the BN.
    Cheers! and see you at the wharf sometime. You should have followed us to PP. It was fun.

  3. better you use the right jalur gemliang
    i'am feel very sad

  4. Art:

    Unfortunately, I finished work on Friday night quite late. I missed out the entourage. Also, I had something on the next day, which I could not make it as well. Anyhow, I'm happy to hear BN given a beating.


    The upside down flag is not going to be there forever. I wanted to hang until the this weekend. And let's see what happens when Anwar goes into the Parliament hall tomorrow. :)


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