Friday, August 15, 2008

Watchdogs In Permatang Pauh

I remembered some bloggers telling me (notably by Haris) and some others at the Wharf last week that they would be in Penang throughout this weekend to play the role of a watchdog to make sure that both sides are level on the playing field of the upcoming by elections

I bet that Barisan Nasional, led by Najib is trying to do every trick they can to make sure they win. Winning in illegal manner like giving people $100 for attending their sermons, getting their best candidate Ariff Shah to compete, being the best of the lot, having the EC (in their pocket) to try their first in DQ Anwar on nomination, having a polling day on Tuesday and etc..

Din Merican, whom I saw last week at the Wharf, wrote in his posting that Raja Petra is going with a band of bloggers, first at the Island:

Raja Petra will be here this evening and he is expected to lead a team of bloggers who will assemble in Penang Island tonight. On August 16, the doyen of the blogging community and his friends will be in Permatang Pauh to support Anwar Ibrahim in a strong procession to the nomination center. With that, the 10 campaign period will start.

I bet in the first call that Anwar wins. Ariff Shah, despite able to speak to the Chinese has a connection with Najib since Pete called him a brother of the swindler. The swindler is Amin. Amin, whose company PSC is given $24 billion in Naval contracts by Defense Ministry (yes, it's Najib)...upfront but PSC never paid them back. $24 billion of tax payer money goes down the drain - sins of a brother, don't you think? That's one of the biggest frauds in Malaysian history.

And when word hits out, there's going to be further trouble. There's been sabotage and squabbling in the Permatang Pauh UMNO division over who should challenge Anwar.

The government-mainstream media has been directed by the 4th floor boys to screw things up for Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat. That's why this SMS has been circulating out and please do your part to tell your Penang friends this too:
Media massa arus p’dana akn m’perdayakan rkyt & m’cari helah utk gagalkan Dtk Seri Anwar Ibrm di P/Pauh dgn berita palsu - m’jatuhkan nama Dtk Seri & menanam rasa syak wasangka. Jom boikot! Jgn beli s/kabar & jgn p’caya berita radio/TV. Sebar kpd kwn2 di P/Png & P/Pauh.

Translation: Mainstream media will fool the people and will find tricks to sabotage Anwar Ibrahim in Permatang Pauh with false news - to ensure Anwar's downfall and planting the seeds of suspicision. Let's boycott! Don't buy newspapers and believe the news on radio / TV. Spread this to friends in Penang and Permatang Pauh.
The bottom line is this: there will be watchdogs around Penang to see that everyone plays fair. And that's where bloggers come in - they are making sure that the real story, not the ones in paper are out.

P.S: I could have come up there but alas, it was not possible. I had people visiting me in K.L in the weekend and I have just started celebrating having successfully attracted Vietnamese customers for my company. Cheerio...


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  2. Asalamualaikum
    what is so great about Arif being able to read and speak chinese.
    hello on the other hand all chinese and indians can speak and write malay.
    masyarakat cina sudah membuat keputusan menyokong DSAI sepenuhnya
    dan insyaallah masyarakat india dan melayu akan bergabung tenaga dan hati
    memberikan satu kemenangan yang besar dengan kelebihan 30,000 undi
    dan seterusnya ke putrajaya.
    pengundi permatang pauh mempunyai pilihan memilih DSAI bukan sekadar ahli parlimen
    malahan seorang Perdana Menteri.
    alasan yang kukuh ini sudah mencukupi untuk pengundi mengundi DSAI.


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