Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Experience in the World Cyber Games

I always hear the name 'World Cyber Games' almost once every year, but in those years I never had the chance to come over to see the real national level event until that Sunday.

I heard from an associate of mine Erwin that he wished to see the proceedings at the event, maybe it could be Counterstrike or Warcraft. But when I went there at around 2 p.m, he was nowhere on sight, maybe he could came earlier and left.

Walking around the exhibition hall, I wished that it will be nice if I can compete against people from different states. But a friend told me that it's not typically walking into there, flashing your credentials and saying that 'I want to compete.' Well, you need to start from one district, then to state level and then finally at national level.

Would you look at that hall..., but it could have been bigger though. If that is placed at a more public place, it will make the roof a building go sky high!

I bet in the last three days, the competition gets better and better and in the end, there was a winner in each of the games competed - maybe some was decided since yesterday.

Right on the stage is the finals of Warcraft and the dance game shortly after that. So I stayed on until there was a lucky winner who won the fastest lap in the F1 game. The guy walked home with a brand new computer desktop with awesome components in it. I estimated that the price for those components could be around $4000 alone without monitor and input devices.

At the Samsung booth, I went to see some new gadgets around and saw people playing Counterstrike. Someone from Samsung approached me from behind and said:

S. Man: Want to try playing C.S?
Me: I don't know. I haven't played for more than two years!
S. Man: But you do know C.S, right?
Me: Yeah...since when it was in Beta.
S. Man: Won't you mind if I 'refresh your mind'?
Me: Sure...

The Samsung staff showed me through playing that, and I got to play for maybe 30 minutes or so. And as I played C.S mind started to wander towards the what if scenario whereby I get to be in that big hall slugging out with team-members and fighting against the other team. Boy I wish if I had the chance, but...

crash....unfortunately I have not touched a single computer game or two since middle of 2006. Most games from that time onwards require a more powerful machine but unfortunately I do not have the necessary requirements to meet that.

At that time, I really wanted to have one but sad to say that my parents absolutely refused to help me out or even subsidised me on buying a more powerful custom-built machine. They told me that almost most of the things are on my own account from then on...

Yeah, right. But in that process, it cost me much what I really wanted to enjoy. If the situation is different, I might not be what I am now, but there could be something that I might not see before like practicing in games and then barging the way into World Cyber Games national level.

But obviously, to build your own custom machine will cost you about $4K to 5K and I am still counting my money to see whether I have enough to get one of my own.

As of now...not good enough. I need something to reduce the pay amount, for Christ sake!

Sigh...if only if I can get something that helps to cut down my expenditure. I just wish I could go into World Cyber Games someday, but not at when I am 30 or 40. At that time, it will be too late for me..

:( well, back to my pipe smoke.

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