Monday, August 18, 2008

They Can Be MP But With One Difference

I had a thirty minute talk with Cap. Sardon (Flyer168) over the phone. I actually saw a posting on Anwar Ibrahim's blog which mention of a ceramah at Kampung Tun Sardon tomorrow night. In my mind, I remembered that Raja Petra came to few places like in Kampung Tun Uda in Klang or Jalan Raja Uda in Bagan / Seberang Perai (since his grandfather was Raja Tun Sir Uda) and similarly Cap. should be given the chance to talk. Raja Petra once told the people at Kampung Uda: "If you do not vote for opposition, then this village should change its name already." ( if I remembered correctly - that's how people voted for Charles Santiago in the elections).

I asked Loke whether if he is interested to give a talk to the people there but politely, he declined for he had something on tomorrow. He was very confident, very certain that the people in that village will reject BN for they had not get any development under the Abdullah regime. He was certain to leave things to people like Guan Eng or Anwar to do the talking. Seems like they can speak on their behalf. I remembered he told me of his son Adam interviewing Guan Eng for his documentary - straight away it gives the hunch that he could be there tomorrow to tell what Cap wants to say to the village there.

Anyhow...back to the point. The first question Cap. Sardon asked was of whether I had followed Haris or Benny to the coverage of the Permatang Pauh nomination day. Told him no, but I felt that he might want to tell the people there of the difference between Anwar and Ariff. Everyone knows Ariff is related to his brother, being declared bankrupt. My friend's friend was related to Amin, I was surprised when I met him in Mid Valley to do some shopping.

One post from Haris actually prompted me to write this as well and would like to ask people to think carefully before picking either Ariff or Anwar. Anyone can be an MP - with a sweet mouth to do the talking but there is one difference that seperates the definition of actual representation to the public. I think a real MP plays part of shaping the outlook and outcome of the entire nation, not just a small piece of land. Shaping the nation requires visionary reps who have a good foresight and are prepared to argue.

Actually, it's okay for an MP to argue against the coalition. It actually makes things better because one party gets to understand the feelings of the other one and vice-versa. Sadly it's not seen in Barisan Nasional because of the toe-the-line thing. A candidate can say "I can become a betterment for the people here" but unfortunately, there will be a point where he/she cannot go further because of the party stance. If they go over the line, then they face the whip that is Najib. So that's why they are forced to become the yes-men. It is evident during the motion on Price Increases end of June. All BN voted for, but you can notice that some quietly disagreed but could not do so because to do so insults Dollah Badawi that doesn't know economics!

The major difference between a BN MP and a PR MP is obviously the scope of serving. If they are limited to serving the people within the consituent, then they are no more than being Longkang MPs - only for their own camp, but not for the good of nation. Many knew and that's why UMNO partners got whacked badly in the general elections. Take Guan Eng for example, being an assemblymen, (CM, automatically) he had won the Penangnites over because of his style of leadership. On the federal level, he was critical on some issues that caught attention of many. Now that's how actual MPs do, not those longkang MPs.

Of course, people started loving Guan Eng for his CAT style of leadership. The ones that makes noise in Penang is obviously the 'mamaks' in UMNO like Abdul Aziz (lost in Kulim) and etc.. So there's a hint, as according to Malaysiakini that Anwar can win with great majority apart from negliegence of course.

Ezam - prominently mentioning of Anwar's secrets of etc.. has forgotten his own thing. I remembered that he swore in the past that he will never rejoin UMNO or so. But he has broken his vow. I think the lure of money was too good over the conscience and promise he made.

I would want tell you people out there under the Permatang Pauh thing there: it's not voting because you just blindly a loyalist to party or something. It's about looking at the next 3-5 years. Anwar has shown his visions of how he intends to set things correct (education, economy, social structures) that was spoiled because of the failed social experiment. What did Ariff tell you of ideas or contributions in the next 5 years? Not much or just so-so. Ariff is just a potential longkang MP.

There is a lesson to be learnt and that is from those who blindly voted for Barisan in the south-eastern states. The consequence that was suffered from the folly was the fuel price increase. Abdullah Badawi had a bad foresight of increasing. I told my friends, there will be a global economic problem if fuel prices go beyond $135 per barrel. Look..after it hits $147, it dropped drastically to $114 right now. I was told that they might not revise the price at all after September 1...I wish I could be proven wrong in this.

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  1. no matter what you said, some just regard politic as dirty. and to them PR & BN are no different. and they would say it's better to deal with the familiar evil.

    sad indeed.

    but we must try nevertheless. and i believe anwar has the 'it' to change this mentality.


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