Sunday, August 10, 2008

Raden Galoh Says Hello To All

I just got back from the KL General Hospital 10 minutes ago - coming from office in the afternoon - to visit Dalilah (Raden Galoh) who is going to undergo operation tomorrow for her liver cancer treatment. I was informed of this by Elviza's posting in regards to the matter. Since I met Dalilah through Mob and Rikey during a dinner for Daphne's, I might as well drop by for a visit.

According to her, following the operation, she would be undergoing three sessions of chemotheraphy to treat her cancer - doctors estimate she could be in either stage 4 /5 (critical) stage. The chances for this thing , in my estimation is at around 30-40 percent. If it is successful, she could see her level of inflamation in her body reduced to an acceptable level and doing another few rounds of chemo sessions with the doctor.

With me at the ward was also Kak Maria and another two of her friends as well. At first they do not know who I was, when Dalilah related me to Howsy and Mob, then they remembered.

Before I left, Dalilah (she asked me to pass the message) would like to say hello to all of you blogger friends out there. And let's hope for the better things coming soon.

If you would like to visit her, go to Operation Ward 14, Room 13 but come at the proper time to give her a good rest.


  1. Hey Melvin,

    Thanks for the update...I didn't have a chance to visit Aunty Dalilah although I sure wanted to...So it's through bloggers who post up updates that I get to actually 'see' her...

    So, a big thank you! =)

  2. I have been a commenter on her blog and also sent her an email. I was wondering how Raden was getting on cos not seen any recent posts on her blog. Please tell her she is in our hearts and in our prayers every day. I usually get news from Kerp but seems he is not too well himself. Thank you.

  3. Hi Melvin,

    It was really nice to have met you in person.

  4. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for dropping by. Good to see you too in person.


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