Thursday, August 28, 2008

Internet Censorship --- Round 2 -- FIGHT!

Since Tuesday evening, Malaysia Today has been blocked by major ISPs with a directive from the Multimedia Commission over the fact that the government is not quite happy over the piece called Malays: Enemies of Islam.

Many had found ways to bypass the blockade through other accesses, which is provided for your convenience. Many are convinced that MCMC is taking orders from the above, which is either pointing to Abdullah Badawi or Najib.

Malaysiakini has pointed out that Syed Hamid Albar has defended the move to have Malaysia Today blocked over the obvious reason mentioned above. Of course, this does not bode well with Pete Kamaruddin and he has vowed to bring down the act that violates the MSC charter. Of course, this goes against what was agreed by Mahathir previously. A reference to Mahathir was mentioned today that Nazri has asked MPs to stop referring to Mahathir today.

The whole thing was borne out of the aftermath of Permatang Pauh elections. Najib was actually the director of election operations for the BN camp and he should be responsible for everything, not Abdullah. In fact from this, some Najib loyalists see this as another hide behind way to attack Abdullah since many UMNO people will directly point that Abdullah is weak and bloggers are the bane.

Supporters of Najib have been pushing for tougher action to be taken against Raja Petra and his ilk, arguing that the same rules which bind the mainstream media should be applied on the alternative media.

If it's the fight that these dinosaurs want, then it will be good fight to the finish. I think that there could be a point where allegations that are actually through could leak out. One touch of the button that goes out to the international press and certain people in the Malaysian political scenario will be indeed finished. It can be anyone..Abdullah, Najib, and even Pakatan Rakyat as well. Well, Abdullah got whacked last week for calling bloggers 'evil' and I wonder who would be the next person to become the punching bag?

It's now Round 2, fight!

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