Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Teaching Abdullah Badawi

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has described the action of a blogger in calling on his blogsite followers to fly the national flag upside down as a sign of protest, as evil.

He said flying the Jalur Gemilang upside down could not be regarded as an act of mischief alone but a despicable one, what more with Malaysia about to celebrate its 51st independence anniversary.

“This is uncouth behaviour, showing no respect at all for the national flag. What is there to be angry with the Malaysian flag?” he said after officiating at the Third Scouts International Peace Jamboree, here today.

“If there are Malaysians who want to take up the idea that came from the pro-opposition blogger, they are insulting this important national symbol (flag),” he said.

Abdullah said the blogger came up with the idea to fly the national flag upside down hoping that others would follow suit, without thinking of the implications.
“It’s all in the blog...only he can do a good job. He’s simply creating trouble by coming up with dubious stories,” he said.

It was reported in cyberspace that Kelantanese blogger Sheih (Kickdefella) had on Aug 3 launched a campaign to fly the Jalur Gemilang upside down as a symbol of the people’s frustrations and as a signal of a nation in distress.

He also wrote in his blog that “it is internationally accepted that raising the flag upside down is a mark of a state in distress. It is never a mark of disrespect.” Some bloggers and commentators quickly declared their support for the idea but many, including from the opposition, were against it as they felt the national flag deserved the utmost respect.

A blog visitor wrote that in India, flying the national flag upside down as an international symbol of distress was unacceptable, and in fact an insult to the nation. Abdullah, meanwhile, hoped the police would act on the matter.


First of all, Dollah, 'evil' is a very big word to be used. In fact it is the wrong word used. The more appropriate word is not 'evil' but it can be like 'inappropriate' or a statement like 'please don't do that'. To say evil simply implies that a blogger like Sheih does atrocities without conscience like being in the role as a killer of Nurin (incidentally, it's the first anniversary of her death).

Dollah, you might want to watch the Tommy Lee Jones movie called "In The Valley of Elah" to give a better understanding of why a flag is upside down. In the case of Malaysia, it is to say that Malaysia is riddled with problems everywhere that could cripple the progress of a nation. And the fault lies with you. You just didn't see it happening and there is still no repairs at all. For instance, following the election disaster, you finger the blame on others but not on yourself.

I kept wondering of freshies (fresh graduates) who have a hard time of finding jobs and perhaps some of them get very low starting pays than what they are supposedly entitled to. A freshie should start earning at least $3000 instead of $1600 from the beginning. Look at how Singapore do financially. Don' you dare say 'why you compare Malaysia to Singapore'... I kept wondering of how people are struggling to meet ends when there is no salary increase to meet this financial problems. I felt a pity when other foreign professionals look down on our locals, at work ethics, education literacy and etc. Malaysia has yet to reach the acceptable civilized level of society as intended by visionaries.

So therefore Dollah, my advice is simple: the flag is purposely done to convey this message; to tell that Malaysia has gone to the wrong direction. Malaysia should be moving forward but it is moving backwards. And most of the mistakes were made by you. Therefore, it will be your duty to correct your mistakes everywhere. No more sleeping on the job.

Going after the wrong people who is criticizing for the good of the nation is a waste of resources and the police should be hunting the evil people - Nurin's killers (one year past and nothing!?) , criminals and scum of the society instead of messengers and patriots!

Sometimes, it is sensible to listen to a fool's advice for the fool might never show up tomorrow?

Do you remember a song from The Eagles, New York Minute that says that thing above?

Sometimes, even the old take lessons from the young really and it works...


  1. They don't wake up neither do they blamed themselves.They can see only this small things but bigger issues in the country they don't care.enogh of them lah and don't have to listen to all this goons

  2. Is this nincompoop trying to turn a misdemeanour into a capital offence by adding a terrific adjective?

    However, I have no argument with any and all adjectives describing this semi-literate PM who was very cruely foisted on us.

  3. Remember our talks the other night on the use of "EVIL" in politics? It all started with Bush. Dollah is just following the trail of shit.

    ~ Edmund


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