Monday, August 4, 2008

I'll Turn The Flag Upside Down!

Yes, a few bloggers that I knew have started something called, showing the Malaysian flag upside down. It may be crazy, but putting that upside down means that to show that the country is in distress. Yes, the country is in distress and that's to show people that we need your help to fix this country.

Well, I might consider putting that upside down at the car, but for a start, I will put that flag on my blog's side panel. Of course, some idiots like in UMNO would see that as an insult to the country, but they could be stupid to yet to understand what Malaysia is indeed facing right now.

I also thought for a moment when back in November 2007, Noraini Ahmad was saying that something was unacceptable and slanderous and the guy must be charged. That is how UMNO would think. - desecration. Again, it is not desecration, but distress. Well, after all, our friend Namewee was right after all - Malaysia is in disaster right now.

Just to refresh your memory of the song content, I'm putting one up for you to check back....

And if some idiots who think there's nothing really wrong...I'll say like ARNOLD - 'Fuck you asshole!'

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