Sunday, August 3, 2008

Strike Two, Two Tries To Go

Abdullah Badawi's very own Operation Grandslam has been derailed, hit a setback when PAS has announced that it rejected a proposal of forming a coalition with UMNO. Nik Aziz played a very smart counter-move informing UMNO that if they wish to form a coalition with them, they must implement hudud laws, something that UMNO is not happy with. Add further insult to that is when Ir. Nizar, the MB for Perak has said that they will not go to BN and instead invited BN assemblymen who wish to help the people to join Pakatan Rakyat.

Of course argument can be good as it helps other parties to know what the problems faced by others, instead of being a yes men.

And two days, ago, a UMNO division in PJ has filed a complaint to the disciplinary board with proof that Abdullah and Najib had misused their power. Democracy gagging yes, they told people that no need to vote for the top two posts. This also adds further conviction to the Johari Ismail report last year. And now, it is said that Tengku Razaleigh can get 60 nominations to contest against Abdullah Badawi. And also there are 66 proposals to reject Abdullah..

But then, Abdullah Badawi still has two more tries to go, 63 percent of success and possibly intends to achieve it one stroke. So (based on this piece by Pete Kamaruddin), Abdullah Badawi has in mind to charge Anwar, but the cabinet Ministers disagreed with the idea. But the motive is to drag Najib and Dotty Rosmah into the mess, put Anwar in the prison for another 6 years and later declare him not guilty - wasting his time there. Even if Anwar is thrown and charged, he still will win the by-election against Ezam or Pirdaus. But in the end, he can at least salvage his operation Grandslam by eliminating Najib, being the enemy of our enemy.

Anwar should win being at his own turf but he will need all the help from key witnesses who is able to show proof beyond doubt that he's not guilty in the sodomy case and instead, Abdullah Badawi and Najib is behind the whole mess. The smoking gun would be SAC Rodwan who was directly involved in the fabrication of the evidence admitting the whole thing is a setup.

Update: AgendaDaily has confirmed that Anwar will be charged over sodomy sometime next week.

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