Sunday, August 24, 2008

Even The Devouts Say Anwar Will Win!

This morning, I was invited by a friend of mine to come along for a church service in Setapak. Although I got there a bit late due to an errand, the most of the proceedings of the 2.5 hour service were dominated by songs of worship. Towards the last third of the service, I was impressed to see that even devouts of the church - today they were praying for the future, the winds of change in Malaysia - are pretty sure that the change will come SOON.

In the last third of the service, there were four people, namely the church elders went up to the stage, each taking turns to prophesize as much as they can about the change in Malaysia, and what they said are in unison: MALAYSIA will RIDE the winds of Change that is God.

Another statement that they said were from one of their songs is that the WALLS of JERICHO will tumble. Interestingly, the walls of Jericho paralleled the BN walls.

I must admit that they are now sure this time that God had plans of changing Malaysia to become a better place. Therefore, there is now a certainty that Anwar will win. Preliminary intelligence indicate that Anwar might win by 15000 majority but it might change no thanks to BN's cheat tactics.

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