Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Follow The Rabbit That is Shafee

I remembered seeing Shafee Abdullah once at the KL High Court back in January once. He was clutching an envelope that contains photos of VK Lingam and Eusoff Chin's 1994 trip in New Zealand.


As anticipated, Anwar will be charged tomorrow over sodomy charges that never really exist. I will leave to the reports like Malaysiakini or The Star to say it out. And many right now do believe that the charges are trumped up and Anwar is framed by Abdullah Badawi who is out to get rid of him.

If you remember back from the beginning, Abdullah said that Musa Hassan and Gani Patail will have no involvement in the investigation case. This means that the intention of setting up the crime at Anwar cannot be done in Bukit Aman or Attorney General's office. Instead, the plan for the perfect crime by the police is perpetrated at Shafee Abdullah's office in Bukit Tunku. Doing in Bukit Aman or AG's office is simply not safe because other staff in the building could overhear possible plans which is against the ethics of profession.

So, for those who wish to find out the truth, you need to follow the rabbit's trail.

Another thing that must be done is the race against time. If the people want to proof that the trial is a sham, and the whole thing is a setup for Anwar, they must do so before the DNA act is passed at the end of the month. It's the timing that will piss them off. Simple: if the DNA act is passed, Anwar will have no choice but to give his DNA sample for the Chemist Department to incriminate. The police and UMNO are banking on the semen evidence as the ultimate piece of proof. With that semen, they can manipulate it so they can say that it's Anwar who sodomized Saiful.

On following the rabbit's trail, go to Shafee's office...period. Why there? Shafee was noted to have experience in dealing with sodomy crimes hence being a sodomy specialist.

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