Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bagan Pinang Nomination Day

The Bagan Pinang by-election has been confirmed to be a straight fight between Isa and Zulkefly with the third candidate, Sharuddin was rejected because he did not have a proposer from Bagan Pinang.

From Batu 7 where we had a night before we left, there were busloads of people, namely from the MIC and UMNO there were around. We could see most of them at the 7th mile up along the way to 2nd mile.

We were at the proximity of the nomination centre at about 8 a.m, and given of parking problems, we took a 5km walk to the school there. Our observation is that the majority of PAS supporters are a mix group, - old, young, and even non-Muslims also came to lend their support to the PAS. Not to mention those from the partner parties PKR and DAP.

At the nomination centre, the alleyway separates between the BN supporters and the PAS supporters. On top, were BN, shouting back at PAS people. If BN says "Mampus" for example, PAS had many shoutings at them like Mansuh Isa, Reformasi, Rasuah and etc..

A few interesting points noticed:

1. PAS had the muscle to say Altantuya. When they shouted the name, everyone in BN fell silent..frankly maybe because they have nothing much to say while some were paid to come here to do so.

2. They were exchanging of shouts of Babi.

3. Each time a BN VIP goes throught the PAS crowd, they would be angry while the BN supporters would cheer about.

4. Makkal Sakthi party showed up at the other side of the road. But they were blocked by PAS people and chased the away.

5. FRUs were also there as well

6. Mahu ISA.....

A lot of other politicians came too, we would meet some like Ronnie Liu, Ean Yong, Teresa Kok and even Ampang's Zuraida.

Within the objection hour, I was told first-hand that Sharuddin was rejected his nomination papers as he did not have a proposer in Bagan Pinang.

So, in the next one week or so, there's speeches from everywhere.

Note: this written directly from Bagan Pinang.

More pictures on Facebook album.

The chopper has been circling around very close to the ground.

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