Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who's To Blame For The Broadband Woes Here?

Wireless and broadband coverage in Malaysia is starting to expand gradually, but in the pace that I think that it is still slow and performance wise, still not to the best level that users enjoyed in other countries like the States, Australia, etc.

A college mate of my brother once told me that though there's Cyberjaya you can't get any other wireless broadband services other than Celcom. True, I tried testing Maxis or Izzi back there and the reception was terrible. I thought since P1 is the most popular WIMAX service in the nation there should be coverage there as well.

Checking at the coverage map, although there's wireless coverage in major cities in Malaysia, yet the coverage is still not enough. For example in Ipoh, there's coverage for areas like Fair Park, Silibin, Sungai Rokam but not places like Ipoh Gardens, Rapat Setia, Bercham etc..

I asked a guy from P1 is it because of pending of approval from city councils and he said yes, and usually the time for approval is about a month or so. But since Cyberjaya is a IT city in Malaysia and supposedly full of Internet facilities, why can't they do another wireless town as in Kuala Lumpur? Some time ago, my brother told me that it is likely of the monopoly competition there. Maybe TM or the Sepang municipal council is not willing to approve here because it could destroy the TM monopoly there.

In the end, who is to blame? Look at the Malaysiakini article whereby Australian investors might not invest in there because of poor Internet faciilities. Who is the person behind the approval of installation? Well, Rais and Najib will need to look into this matter.

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