Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recap: Travelling At Port Dickson

It was about a 10 days ago that I spent 2 1/2 days in Port Dickson being the political tourist here and there. Although I have documented whatever I've saw on polling day in my previous day.

The Markas PAS is about less than a kilometer away from the 'blog base' where I wrote most of my postings there. So going there, it's just taking a walk there. And it's opposite Avillon.

Lunch time at the Port Dickson golf club. Thanks to the two kindly ladies that I know, including one who came all the way from Ipoh, I managed to feed my stomach. Didn't take breakfast though except a cup of coffee. Even the club shows 'allegiance' and support to the Gerombolan Barisan Nasional.

Ceramah time at 9th Mile. Eventually, it is known that most who enjoyed it are outsiders.

Good god. This is how the traffic is after the ceramah is over and after midnight. No more campaigning already. Look at that traffic. Boom is waving the flag BTW.

On polling day, look at how bad the traffic is at the 8th Mile. 5 trucks are heading there, with 68 FRUs from 5 trucks deployed to do crowd control. Alan was helping out in counting sheep - errr..FRU personnel BTW.

And here's the bonus shot for that day. PAS people were cheering of this little chimp, so before the man gets shooed off by the FRU, I managed to take a grab..viola.!

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