Sunday, October 11, 2009

So You Pick The Mob. Don't Say You Made The Wrong Choice.

Okay, as predicted the Gerombolan BN has stopped its losing rot by picking an ex-Chief Minister to win the seat. At this time, even before 8pm, the current majority stands at 4700 votes.

Of course I bet this gives a lot of problems for Mat Hassan and Khairy because you have an ex-minister coming in to run for the government.

With something to read from the previous post, now that you have pick an ex-MB to be an assemblyman here, you have to live by your choices. There have been cases, that promises mentioned in the campaigning period can be false promises later on.

On the economic scale, BN is listening to what the economic hitman to do - rigging elections.

On my opinion, you are damning yourselves for picking the mob.

Note: 35% of the total votes that Isa has are postal votes.

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