Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Truth And Consequences, Bagan Pinang

I will sum up one thing to you readers and please read these words carefully, lest ill fortune will befall on you voters because of making the wrong choice or blind devotion to a party.

Why You Should Vote For PAS In This By-Election

1. In the past, Barisan Nasional has promise tons of projects and developments into there. But most of the projects there are partially complete. Was it walking the talk and fulfilling the promises? You tell me.

2. Isa Samad is known by those in the state to be some what a ruler with some shady dealings - plundering state resources for his cronies. The issue of his four known cronies from Seremban will give a tell tale of what will happen.

3. PAS never insult other races as to entice support for them. They know the real value of respecting other races as what the Quran said. So far, we have seen Barisan Nasional, particularly its boss UMNO hurling racial insults at others. They intend to convey the message that the Chinese and Indians are their enemies and this is clearly contradicting the 1Malaysia concept that is propagating around the country.

4. Signs of schoolchildren being brainwashed to support them are evident. One student was seen in pictures circulating around blogs, just to indicate that BN hire schoolchildren, given them party shirts and money in exchange for their support that they have no knowledge about. This also happens in Kepala Batas as well, where school children are paid money and other goodies in exchange for their support. In future, our children we become more dumb and dumber because they are not taught to think critically and properly - just being shoved down whatever things - sometimes falsehoods into their mind.

5. The two faces of BN: 1Malaysia and then they shout Ketuanan Melayu. Which one do you follow? Or another case - a caterer, contracted to supply food for the police had its contract terminated not properly. But the caterer did well, he supplied food in buffet form, not in packet form as others. Who stands to lose? The police are enjoying good buffet food supplied by them. Who's treating the police like dogs?

Voting concerns:

Apart from the postal votes problem, the problem lies with the mentality of the old generation and the first generation born after Merdeka. From my understanding, most of them still have the leanings towards BN. Much of the assumption is that Perikatan (pre BN) was influential during the pre-Merdeka and the first 13 years post-Merdeka thing. So there is a 'cling to belief' of BN hypothesis that I had on these.

To the older generation, they didn't really bother on change and would just to have the same person over and over again.

What Are The Consequences of Voting Wrongly?

1. You are saying that you wish to keep Internal Security Act although it has been proven that ISA is a crude act and should be replaced with an Anti-Terrorist Act. The record and the misuse of the ISA has spoken by itself.

2. You still do not want to the country to progress further by picking leaders who are bankrupt of ideas and more importantly someone with a bad record. More importantly, you are probably buying lies by believing they would do it, but they didn't do it eventually.

3. You let your leaders plunder the state's resources that you are entitled to reap and give it to the cronies. You should be enjoying the riches, not flinging it somewhere else. Our country's reserves are actually in the red margin already, not in black.

4. You have proven yourself to be clinging to old believes which starts to get irrelevant in this modern age.

5. You are really condemning yourselves to possible 3.5 years more of suffering before the next GE in 2013.

These are the truth and consequences in Bagan Pinang. Let the pictures tell you what I'm saying. Those are taken by my blogging friends whom I was with them last weekend. Don't believe? Just ask them. Then read this piece from Hisham Rais. It's an education to think, not just hearing.

Special thanks for supplement information by Duke and Uncle Zorro with pics by Perisik Rakyat.
Hope to see you guys again on Friday.

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  1. Do u know the difference btw ISA and Selangor KT ?
    They are both of Napoleonian height, they are both most arrogant and they are both most corrupted during their reigns!


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