Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Perak Farce Like Those School Days :-D

I find the farce in Perak reminded me of times that we used to do back during the days of primary school. Simply, I just thought of maybe how both sides playing school kids, squabbling over something that they want that they had to bring teachers or parents to intervene.

Doesn't make sense? Not really. I can relate something that maybe the one student gang called the BN did which I sometimes wanted to laugh about. In fact what Ganesan did the day before the farce - two things contain there within reminded me of how childish can BN and this guy be like:

1. No phone calls, no smses, no twittering..that means afraid of the real story coming out? Too bad. There are videos out that show the fracas there. If I were to put it to CNN, then it's another Kartika reporting on the international media that 'akan memalukan' gerombolan BN.

Note: Just look at those videos that Malaysiakini put up. Here's one for example.

2. BN assemblyman first to come in, first to come out. There's only one reason, to make sure BN gets the seat that PR was meant to seat on. If the level playing field is even, I doubt that either party will seat down and get on with their business. And in fact there will be squabbling between two 'murid-murid' in the classroom.

And I say that the scuffles and shouting matches in the assembly is like being in a classroom where murid-murid will sometimes shout, squabble while the teacher is on the way into the classroom to start their lesson. No need for me to elaborate more.

S.E Hinton's novel The Outsiders - made into a movie by Francis Coppola - was a very popular novel for junior-high and high school students, in the story focuses on two rival student groups fighting over one another. That thing carries similarly to what PR and BN is doing in Perak right now, with the deadlock still not yet broken as sadly Sultan Azlan refuses to intervene and set the playing field level.

On one occasion schoolkid Pakatan refuses to sit down with BN. If we count all together, we can see how many times, the Barisan Nasional behaves like primary school kids. And hey, sulking, school kid group BN calls a 'big man' in their group to remove Sivakumar's speaker robe by force.

And when the assembly resumed at 11.30 a.m, there's the atmosphere like bickering in a classroom. But schoolkid BN has been caught behaving like mama's boy. How? Okay...maybe calling cops in to intervene, having a cop dragging an assemblyman or remove the speaker robe by force, you know....

True, the Dacing faction has been pretty immature at most of the time. But hey even the PR are sometimes immature. But PR behaves better than BN..with Hee (Jelapang still boos her until now). I remembered where Tajol, having enough of being the state BN, calling it quit, with Najib taking over, it is like the schoolkid calling his / her mama. Big Mama that is.

I don't want to go more already, but I am still amused of how today's show was like being back in primary school Standard 6, with free time (apart from lessons and after UPSR exams) getting to play things that we are entitled before we are off to secondary school. And that was around this time of the year, with less than 3 weeks away from school holidays....

Perhaps Mamak Zambry and his cohorts should look at their own side in addition to calling PR as drama queen first of all.

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